How it Works


The Basics

Depending on the roster needs of teams, the season may start with evaluations of all players who are interested in being on a team.

While we understand and support multiple sports in youth athletics, the ability for each player and parent to commit to getting the players to practices, as well as the games scheduled during the season is key to the club’s goals and as well as showing unified commitment to the coaches and all players on the team.

The Alameda Vipers are continually looking for kids to play at three levels: developmental, competitive and AAU basketball if you are interested, please contact us to make an appointment for an evaluation.

About AAU

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest sports organizations in the United States. The difference between AAU basketball and other basketball leagues is based on the use of full high school rules. No developmental limitations are placed on the game.  This promotes competitive play and the broadest exposure to fundamentals and advancing techniques of the game.

Emphasis will be on basic fundamental skills and teamwork. We emphasize development of the individual player within a team basketball structure. We strive to have a team for each grade level and some grades may contain three levels: developmental, competitive and AAU team.

The Basics

All teams will practice approximately 2.5-3 hours per week. A Training Day in addition to the regular practice will be added after the team is established. Practice times are scheduled based upon availability of gyms, coaches and trainers. Proper club attire at practices and games is required as determined by the coach. Playing time is determined by the coach to meet the needs of the team and the games.  It is the coach’s decision to put the best players in the game as the situation demands.

Alameda Vipers Club provides an opportunity for Developmental Level basketball. To remain competitive, players must meet the expectation of the coaches related to individual skills, mental preparedness, coach-ability (attitude, effort, ability to learn), and physical conditioning for the rigor of AAU games and practices. Players and parents must respect the coach and the coach’s decision and responsibility to the overall team and club. A commitment to discipline in basketball training and conditioning during practice and outside of practice is required as well as reaching and maintaining the physical and mental conditioning and preparedness, and a commitment to team basketball.

Waivers, AAU Registration and Membership

All players parent or guardian must sign a waiver form to participate in tryouts.

If selected to be on a team, players must immediately obtain an AAU “Added Benefits” membership card in order to participate in practices and game.

AAU membership runs annually currently September 1 through August 31. In addition, the Alameda Vipers membership application is completed online and will be provided to by the team’s coach after players are accepted onto the team.


The Alameda Vipers is a 501.3.c registered non-profit organization.

  • We keep the fees for players very low.
  • We have modest uniforms and focus on teaching the game of team basketball.
  • Basketballs are provided.
  • Each season the players fees are based on factors including gym rentals, insurance, game and tournament costs.
  • After the team is formed the Coach will provide the total fee amount to the parents.
  • Checks for fees are made payable to: Alameda Vipers and will be collected by the Team Manager.

For general questions & information visit the Contact Page, email:, or call  510-214-2601 and leave a message.